High Performance, Progressive Thinking Homes of Today...  

When we think out of the box we build a brighter, stronger more self reliant stainable future...

When you combine advanced energy efficiency, a quality installation process and high standards for performance in a newly built home, office or work environment"s...

You'll find you get an exceptional building that meets the Department of Energy’s rigorous Zero Energy Ready Home standards.

For Residential or Commercial spaces that qualify for this distinction are so energy efficient that the renewable energy offsets all or nearly all energy consumption in the building.

Note: if everyone in the country lived in a Zero Energy Ready Home, there would be enough renewable energy available today to power all of them creating a cleaner future for our children by being more responsible community now!

Only 1% of builders in the country have the capabilities to create these high-performance homes, and J.PATTON HOMES has set out to do just that... becoming among some of the most innovative companies leading the industry today. This program lays the groundwork for the future of housing —  J.PATTON HOMES is making ultra-efficient homes a reality today.




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